Each team that chooses to organize a game in the Commandos club can take the benefit of a free place on terraces, where they can prepare grilled meals or rest after the paintball game.

There are two types of terraces on the club territory:

  • Private, which can be rented
  • Public, which are free of charge

Private verandah is a summerhouse area with a capacity of max. 15 persons, the cost of which is 500 MDL. This price includes the terrace itself and the BBQ accessories (grill, net, needles, grill fan and meat tongs).

Public BBQ area is a large verandah with a total capacity of 200 people. These places on the verandah can be used FREE of charge by any team, which comes to play paintball on the territory of our club. The free rest area includes: tables, chairs and umbrellas as needed. Do not worry about other teams already on the verandah. The tables are located in a way that people do not intersect and there is enough space between tables. The BBQ accessories are not included in this package, yet you can bring them with you or rent from us. The price of the accessories is 100 MDL, which includes grill, net, skewers, grill fan and meat tongs. If you want to buy wood for the fire, one batch is available for 70 MDL.

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