About Comandos Paintball Club

Commandos paintball club is the biggest and most equipped paintball club in the Republic of Moldova. Our club offers its players and guests a unique space, comfortable for both playing and relaxation.

We offer you a play site with an area of 4 ha. All our sites are limited with a special protective mesh, so the paintballs do not get out of the ground, where they could cause accidents. This also ensures that players do not interact during the game with other teams playing at the same time.

Each field is equipped with various well-designed obstacles, which provide a wide variety of combat situations and ensure great hiding places for the players.

Each game lasts about 10 minutes, during which each team needs to accomplish the mission. One game includes several game plays.

Since our club possesses 6 different playgrounds, each field has its own specifics and rules of games, including the following:

  • Commandos Castle – Defend or attack of a castle
  • Viet Cong Village – Capturing of the flag
  • Chemical Alley – Elimination of opponents
  • Bridge – Displacement of marked objects
  • Labyrinth – Field for tactical games
  • Sport Field – For sports competitions and training

Commandos paintball club has been operating for 12 years on the entertainment market in the Republic of Moldova, which has contributed to the formation of a great experience and the accumulation of a loyal customer base that values ​​the comfort and chooses us every time they want to have fun and enjoy their time with their friends. You are always welcome to test your fighter skills!

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