Gaming equipment

1. Protective mask

Our field offers you the Jt Flex 8 Full Coverage.
The protective mask is specially designed for paintball to resist the impact of the balls regardless of the distance they are shot from.
The mask’s body is made of a very resistant plastic, shaped by the contour of the face. The most important benefit of our masks is that they protect the whole surface of the head from blows, and we are the only ones who have such masks.

It is also comfortable for those, who wear glasses, and provides them with the same protection level during the game.
At each break, the mask must be cleaned to prevent visibility lowering during the game.

2. Harness with extra tubes

When you are in the climax of the battle, the last thing you want to happen to you is that you run out of the balls with paint. With the special kit, you can have 400 extra balls with you, which are easy to reload the gun and continue the battle fully armed.

3. Coveralls

One of the fun parts of a paintball game is the process of equipping, especially when you dress up like you’re a special troop fighter. One of the main equipment elements is the overalls. It can be made of different textures, either completely black or camouflaged. It protects the player from dust and paint. The overalls comes in different sizes, so that each player finds one to his size.

4. Protective vest

The vest provides extra protection (front-to-back) because it is made of lightweight resistant material.
It adjusts to any type of waist, regardless of weight and height, quickly thanks to a secure velcro system. It is carried under the overalls or military uniform and does not disturb the player during the game, no matter how active he is on the field.
It is preferable for the vest to be clothed over a shirt or garment to provide a perfect thermal comfort.

5. Special paintball gloves

Paintball gloves are considered another article that needs to be worn during games. They have a silicone protection in the outer palm area, as well as strengthening elements on the palm and fingers. During a paintball game, hands are often touched by balls because they are positioned on the center of the body holding the gun. Gloves do not make part of the basic equipment, yet you can rent them 10 MDL.

6. Marker (Weapon)

Paintball weapons are semi-automatic (one trigger pull = one ball shot), Inferno MK2, Tippman 98 Customs or Tippman 98 Rental. Compressed air is used to propel the paintballs, the properties of which ensure a proper accuracy, unlike the more demanding carbon dioxide at low temperatures. The number of balls that can be sent to a target is determined by the speed at which you press the trigger. But before you rejoice with the fact that you’ve eliminated the target, there’s some strategy to be though over, and namely – how to eliminate your opponent with a little “ammunition” expenditure, don’t you?

7. Pressurized air cylinder

The bottle is the “weapon” component and is the equipment that ensures the pressure, which propels the balls from the weapon to any target in the field.
The body of the bottle is made of aluminum for a low weight of the marker during the game. At the start of a game, the administrative staff makes sure that the bottle attached to your weapon has sufficient pressure to make it work perfectly. At each break, the instructors carefully check the cylinder pressure.

8. Ball Loader

Regardless of the standard pack you choose, which includes 250 to 500 balls, you start the “war” with 200 balls, which is the maximum capacity of this loader. The loader has a transparent cover and a sturdy plastic body, which prevents you from worrying about the hits during the game. Please note that it is not recommended to agitate the loader too hard in order to avoid breaking the balls inside.