Paintball for Kids

Paintball for kids

Parents often ask themselves: how can we organize the child’s birthday in such a way to make a fun and memorable party for my kid and all my guests.

Children’s paintball is a very active and funny team game, which is ideally suited for events with different themes such as birthdays, children’s parties, or simply friendly matches between little friends.

This way of spending your holiday will be truly a unique and creative choice, for which your guests will thank you and for sure your party will be on the list of the most successful and fun events so far.

In the paintball game, children can play from the age of 7. The minimum team you can play with must be composed of 10 people, the teams can be composed of both children and children with adults together, these being parents or older friends.

Children play with the same markers as adults, but their markers are set in such a way that the firing power is 3 times weaker than those with which adults play. This means that the impact of the ball with the player does not produce a such strong blow, which allows the game to be much safer and less painful for the little heroes who visit our club.

Like adults, children’s teams have access to all playfields and areas,  and the game lasts as long as the kids have munitions. We recommend that children’s teams purchase only the minimal gaming package:

To escape into a world of adventure, choose Commandos Paintball Club.

For more details please call the phone number: 079 071 071

Economy Pack
260 lei /person
  • • 250 balls / person
  • • Equipment required for playing
  • • Access to 5 battlefields
  • • Duration 1.5-2 hours (approximate)
  • • Organization of the game
  • • Arbitration of the game
  • • Team photo shooting
  • • Picnic area